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Flooring FAQ installation in the Columbus, OH area

What are the installation requirements and associated costs?

Before making any flooring decision, whether you will have professional installation or do it yourself, it’s crucial to inquire about installation requirements, process and any costs. Flooring types have different, specific installation methods, such as floating, gluing or nail-down. Understanding these requirements and estimating costs can help you plan your budget and ensure a smooth installation process. The expert floor installation crews from Budget Carpet and Flooring consist of our own employees and a few trusted subcontractors. We’ve got you covered!


Flooring FAQ warranty in Columbus, OH

How long does flooring last? Is there a warranty?

When contacting Budget Carpet and Flooring be sure to inquire about the warranties and lifespan of the flooring options you’re considering. Warranties vary, ranging from a few years to a lifetime, and may cover issues such as wear, fading, or manufacturer defects. The biggest keys to having a long-lasting floor are 1. selecting a good product, 2. expert installation, and 3. proper use and care. Understanding the expected lifespan of the flooring, and any warranty coverage, will give you insight into the floor’s durability and long-term value.

Flooring FAQ eco-friendly and sustainable in Columbus OH

Which floors are most eco-friendly and sustainable?

If impact on the environment and sustainability are important to you, consider the eco-friendliness of hardwood flooring. Look for flooring materials made from renewable resources or recycled materials. Additionally, inquire about the recyclability or biodegradability of the flooring once its lifespan is complete. The most eco-friendly flooring is natural ¾ inch solid North American hardwood because it’s made from natural products that can last up to 100 years and the flooring companies replant trees after they harvest. Most luxury vinyl products aren’t recycled, have a shorter life span, and end up in landfill.

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