Laminate flooring options in Columbus, Ohio

Our selection of laminate flooring adds sophisticated style to your home. Traditionally, laminate wood flooring looked fake and easy to spot. Technology advances have improved the visuals to an eye-pleasing look. 

Laminate flooring is highly scratch resistant and easy to clean.  Today’s laminates contain stunning options for any home.

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More laminate flooring information

Laminate flooring can be the perfect floor for homeowners in Columbus. Laminate is well suited to those shoppers who want the look and feel of real hardwood or stone but without the cost or maintenance that can be associated with natural products. When choosing flooring, it’s important to consider the room usage, product quality, and installation craftsmanship.

Which rooms are best for laminate flooring?

A laminate floor for a living room or bedroom might be the perfect choice of achieving a wood look at economical prices.  However, in homes with pets or in areas with water such as laundry rooms and kitchens, a laminate may not be your best product selection. While laminate floors have a durable finish and high-end visuals they are susceptible to water. Even the water-resistant laminates will not retain structural integrity if exposed to water for more than a few hours. For homes with pets or in rooms with water, consider a vinyl plank floor which are waterproof and excellent for dealing with spills, accidents, and general home life. Our flooring showroom in Columbus has an option for every design taste.

Product quality of laminate flooring

Choosing and installing flooring for your home is a significant investment.  When choosing a floor, you will want to consider factors such as the thickness of the laminate, the reputation of the manufacturer and the authenticity of the image. Is the product made by a reputable manufacturer? Does it come with an attached pad? We will take the time to discuss your project with you so that you can select the best flooring for your needs.

Laminate flooring installation and craftsmanship

Equally as important as choosing the look and the quality of laminate flooring, the craftsmanship quality is paramount. Who do you trust to work in your home? The majority of flooring installed by Budget Carpet and Flooring is completed by employees of the company. We pride ourselves in high-quality installation.

Not sure what laminate colors or styles are best for your living space? Schedule an in-home shopping appointment to look at laminate samples next to your furniture. Or visit our Columbus, Ohio flooring showroom to get expert advice from one of our laminate flooring specialists. We’re here to help you select the right floor for you.

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