Product Solutions for Columbus Ohio Commercial Flooring

What are your product choices for commercial flooring near you in Columbus, Ohio?

When selecting options for commercial flooring in central Ohio, you need to consider a range of factors —design considerations, installation time, price point, ease of cleaning, etc. — to land on the materials best-suited to your building’s particular needs.

At Budget Carpet and Flooring, we believe that each customer will have different values and priorities as they choose what product, what style, and what quality for their Columbus Ohio commercial flooring solution.

In many applications today, design considerations and architectural detail tend to lead the charge in product selection. If a company is spending the money for new commercial flooring in Columbus Ohio, they want it to look good.  Why spend  money on subpar design and end up with a renovated drab looking space? Additionally, property managers in Columbus Ohio want higher-end flooring finishes so they can attract better tenants and commands higher rent values.

That’s why, in Columbus Ohio office flooring applications, design trumps quality. While durability is important, it shouldn’t be your only guiding principle. Instead, ask yourself these four questions before deciding on your Columbus Ohio commercial flooring products.

Four questions you need to ask yourself before selecting commercial flooring


  1. What is your highest priority for this new floor?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Is it design and aesthetics?  Quality?  Ease of care? Budget? Above all else, you need a flooring system that will serve the needs of your application for the duration you will be using it.


  1. Where is this being installed?

Think about what you need out of your flooring system. If high-profile clients come in on a daily basis, it might be worth investing in an upscale flooring system that will impress. If not, then perhaps you should choose the cheapest alternative that serves your traffic needs.

  1. How long will you use it?

If you own the building in question and don’t plan to renovate again for at least 10 years, then durability should be a consideration. While your flooring material likely won’t need to last 20 years, it will need to serve its purpose and maintain its appearance for the entirety of the time you’re using it.

If, however, you’re a tenant and plan on leaving in a few years, then there’s no practical reason to choose a top-of-the-line flooring material. Pick a cost-effective Columbus Ohio Commercial flooring option that will serve your needs in the interim before you move onto another building. 

  1. How much downtime can you manage for installation?

Many people forget that replacing flooring takes time.  How long can you have downtime? Depending on the amount of time you allot for installation, some products might work better than others. It’s important to be realistic about your situation.

Let’s look at an example. A facility manager recently came to us wanting to redo a tenant’s office space with new paint and new flooring. We considered options for flooring to fit their budget and limited the scope of replacement accordingly to fit their budget and their downtime window. We coordinated with the painters and we finished the flooring to minimize their downtime and freshen up the space so they could re-open on time. 

We ended up recommending a commercial flooring material that provided an updated aesthetic look and functionality, but would fit into their durability and budget needs: luxury vinyl tile (LVT) made to mimic the look of hardwood. In addition to the upgraded looks over VCT, the LVT was cheaper and easier to maintain.

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