How to Choose your flooring

How to Choose Flooring for your Central Ohio Home?

Are you ready for new floors to update your home?  This quick guide will help you sort through important things to consider for flooring in your Columbus Ohio home. Here are 4 quick steps to help you get started selecting your carpet, vinyl plank flooring, or hardwood flooring

Choosing your Flooring Style for your Central Ohio Home

Since your taste in style tells a story about who you are, what you love, and how you relax, it is a key factor to consider when selecting flooring for your house. 

A house becomes our home, a place we return to at the end of the day to relax, replenish, and refresh.

So what type of flooring serves you best? Carpet? Luxury Vinyl?  Hardwood? A mix of them all?

You can create a space you love by finding products that are correct for your taste, lifestyle, and budget; thousands of flooring options help you do just that.  Research or ask trained sales teams about product options, product performance, maintenance, and price comparison.

Are you trying to pinpoint what your styles is?  Some helpful places to start looking are interior design magazines or Flooring Trend sites, home shows and tours, local Central Ohio Design companies like Palmer House Designs, or Pinterest.  Start recognizing what details you like (or maybe what you do not like).  Do you like an industrial style with a mix of wood, metal and concrete, or a traditional, classic style with warmth?  Or you might prefer a modern style with clean, simple lines and furnishings.  By browsing multiple options, you will be able to better determine what your personal preference is.

Maintaining consistency of style throughout your home is important to help each space complement the others and keep your home feeling restful to be in.

What Flooring is Best for Central Ohio?

There are 3 practical things to consider when making your selection.  Being realistic and practical in selecting the flooring that is going to work best for you is very important. 

  • Consider the climate you live in.  The unfortunate reality is that the weather outside does, to some degree, find its way inside our home.  As a homeowner in Columbus, OH, we will see harsh winters, rainy springs and humid summers with traces of each following us inside.  Ideally, it will not get much further than the door it came in.  Especially in the most used entrances, it is important to pay attention to how the flooring you select for your Central Ohio home will work with the climate outside it. 
  • Consider your lifestyle.  If you have pets or children, make decisions considering the higher potential for scuffing and scratching and a high amount of traffic and maintenance.  Many people in Columbus Ohio and surrounding suburbs like Westerville, New Albany, Lewis Center, Dublin and Hilliard are choosing hard surface floors like luxury vinyl or real hardwood flooring for their first floors and hallways while keeping carpet for their Family rooms, stairs, and Bedrooms.
  • Consider the amount of time and effort you want to put into maintaining your floor.  Different products vary in maintenance and durability.  Also, the same type of flooring may require more cleaning and maintenance in one area than it does in another area of your home.

What is your Flooring Budget?

Flooring can be a significant investment; one that often pays for itself with improved home resale value and ease of living. It is important to consider your budget when making decisions for flooring. 

For instance, real hardwood flooring is more expensive than luxury vinyl but carries a significant return on investment. suggests that the “the average ROI for installing hardwood floors hovers in the 70%-80% range” and can add as much as 2.5%” to the resale value. If your budget allows it, you can enjoy the beauty of true hardwood while investing in your future resale value.

Consider how long you plan to be in this home.  If this home is where to you plan to retire and host your grandchildren, you will want to consider different options or grade of products than you would if you are refreshing just to resell the property. 

All flooring product lines come with a range of grades and price points within it.  Carpet is typically the lowest starting price point option, but of course, high quality carpet will have similar pricing as some hard surface options.  LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planking) is typically the lowest price point of hard surface options. 

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While it can be overwhelming to start looking at flooring options and narrowing down the choices to the one that is best for you, doing research, conversing with trained professionals, and asking great questions will help to discover the most appropriate flooring selection for your home.  Visit our Columbus, Ohio area flooring showroom.

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